Next Stop: Pireaus!

A significant step forward for sea tourism has been made through the docking of Costa Favolosa in Pireaus. The enormus cruise ship gives the opportunity for 3,500 passengers to admire Athens and the port of Pireaus. Their short visit can enhance the tourism period and the economy in general.

The Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism, G. Nikitiades welcomed the cruise ship noting that this movement is a part of the touristic development led by the government.

The Ministry has appointed many meetings with representatives of cruises in Greece in the past. An attempt of detecting the problems and disadvantages of the current situation has been made. The Deputy Minister met the President of the company Costa Crociere, Giani Onorato, to discuss about a possible solution that could be found to confront the crisis.

The Italian Ambassador was present at the reception of the cruise ship and stated that he is in favor of developing the touristic movement from Italy to Greece.