Angistri, also Agistri or Agkistri (“fishing hook”) is a very small island and municipality in the Saronic Gulf in the Islands peripheral unit, Greece. Only 19 nautical miles away from Piraeus, Agkistri is an easily accessible Argosaronic Gulf paradise. Azure waters, pine trees and lush vegetation (where many bird species find refuge) are the main characteristics of this tiny, yet charming, island of less than 1,000 inhabitants! There are three large settlements on the island: Megalohóri (or Mýlos), Skála and Limenária. Apart from the little church of Ayioi Theódoroi, other sightseeings on the island are Metopis and an 1812 windmill at Megalohóri. Don’t miss the opportunity to follow beautiful walking routes through the island’s dense pine forest.
The most known beach of the island is the sandy sparkling beach at Skála; other beaches worth exploring are Limenária, Drayonéra, Maréza, Apónisso, Mýlos (consists of two beaches, one sandy and one with pebbles) and Halkiáda, an isolated beach with white pebbles, mostly preferred by nudists.
The island is connected daily to Piraeus via ferry boats or speed runner boats, either directly or via Aegina. Agkistri is also accessible from Aegina by water taxi.