Trekking along Enipeas gorge can be a fascinating experience for nature lovers. Located at Mount Olympus, in Northern Greece, Enipeas gorge is an amazing destination for those who are in favor of walking through high rocks and unique flora.

Getting to the gorge is an one hour journey from the city of Thessaloniki (Northern Greece). Travelers can reach the region of “Prionia” by car, where they can park their vehicles and start enjoying a once in lifetime experience.
Enipeas gorge is located at an altitude of 1,100 meters and is part of the Eurorean path E4. Visitors have the opportunity to enjoy a 5 hours trek in an amazing location, as the combination of enormous rocks, trees, and brilliant flora make this region an ideal destination for trekking.
Due to the fairly low altitude, trekking can be practiced during winter as well.