In Greece we are lucky in that we are never far from the beach. We should make good use of that opportunity, and instead of watching those around us through a periscope, disengaged – we should take action. Kitesurfing is popular with men and women. It is an effective exercise for the whole body, it brings us in contact with nature and the sea, it improves our mood, it reduces stress, and it makes us feel carefree.

Kitesurfing Beaches in Greece

There are many beaches where you can practice kitesurfing in Greece, where you can watch, ask questions, find someone to teach you, and figure out how to use the equipment. For example: In Attica, at Loutsa (northern wind), Halkoutsi (eastern wind), Schoinia (southern wind), and Flisvos (western wind).
Other areas in other parts of Greece include: on the island of Lefkada at Mylous or Ai Yanni, in Arta at Koronisia, on the island of Paros at Pounta Antiparou, in Rhodes at Prasonisi, in Corinth, in Patra at Drepano, at Xylokastro, in Akrata, and elsewhere.