The region of Tzoumerka is located in central Greece. Getting there is a 3 hours journey from Athens, which definately worths the effort.
River Arachthos is a brilliant choice for those looking for action, instead of just enjoying a peaceful trip. Rafting in Arachthos is a totally refreshing activity, mainly suitable for experts, as most of the routes are graded from 3 up to 5.
There is number of different villages near Arachthos, where visitors can spend their night and get to meet the locals. The region of Tzoumerka consists of several small villages; Syrrako, Kalarrytes, and Pramanda are three of the main villages near Arachthos river.

There are plenty of routes that visitors can follow, depending on their rafting experience. Therefore, there are some easy and “smooth” rafting routes in Arachthos river, suitable for families, while there are some rough routes that only experienced travellers could follow.
When it comes to combining nature and extreme sports, Tzoumerka is a brilliant destination. Surrounded by high peaks and stunning flora, the region of Tzoumerka is an ideal destination for practicing extreme sports.



  • Jess Holmes

    Wow, that water and scenery is absolutely beautiful! Unfortunately, I don’t think I have the funds to take a trip to somewhere like this just yet, but I am looking into some West Virginia vacations that include a whitewater rafting trip. Maybe after I get some experience I will have the opportunity to test my skills somewhere like this. Thanks for sharing the cool video!

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