Rafting is an adventure team sport and teamwork between those who participate consists of the basic component of a successful descent in an inflatable raft. This can be undertaken in any type of river which is navigable, regardless of its level of difficulty. The descent can be carried out in calm rivers, offering an excursion through the scenery of the area. Alternatively, it may be undertaken in rapid rivers with technical difficulties such as waterfalls and rocks, which stimulate the emotions of the crew of the raft, and heighten their adrenaline level to its peak.
Rafting brings you in contact with untouched terrain, which is mostly exceedingly inaccessible. Usually, there is no other means of approach but by way of the river. In such areas, one has the chance to admire the Greek wilderness and to see up close untamed animals which have found sanctuary away from man. Greek rivers are generally not among the wildest, hence suitable for rafters with middle level skills, though there are some that do push the limits for whitewater enthusiasts.

Main locations for rafting
The diversity of the Greek landscape offers rivers with unique beauty, ideal for rafting. Each river has its own individual characteristics, such as the variety of flora and fauna, the clarity of the water, the water level temperature, its accessibility etc., whilst at the same time, these excursions can be combined with nature outings and visits to main attractions in the area. The most significant rivers for rafting are:
Epiros– Voidomatis in Konitsa, an easy and spectacular river. River Aos in Konitsa, has a class 3- 5 difficulty level, and rafting is possible all throughout the year. Venetikos and Aliakmonas in Grevena are calm rivers considered ideal for beginners. Aracthos in Arta is the largest river for rafting in Greece. It is worth noting that the ride last 6 hours and consists of the greatest diversities in any Greek river.
Peleponnese – Lousios in Arcadia has a class 3 difficulty rating, and rafting can be combined with a visit to the picturesque village Karytaina. Alfios, the longest river in the Peleponnese, embodies the natural boundary of Arcadia with Ilia.
Evrytania county – Rafting is possible in the Achelou, Tavropou and Trikerioti rivers. Canoeing is also possible in Lake Epikopis, Kayaking in Agrafioti, Karpenisioti and Tavropou rivers.
Aitoloakarnanias county –Evinos river in Nafpaktos with a class 2 difficulty level, is ideal for beginners, and offers itineraries which combine unique landscapes, valleys and picturesque bridges.