Kalymnos is a magnificent destination for climbers. The diversity of beaches, limestone crags and mild climate make this island an ideal place for climbing. The island covers an area of 109.67 square kilometers and is located in the Dodecanese, in the eastern Aegean Sea between Kos and Leros.

Kalymnos is considered to be one of the top European destinations for climbing, as there are hundreds of different stunning routes in the island. The level of difficulty varies from 4 up to 9. The variety of the routes and the difficulty levels make Kalymnos one of the most spectacular places to visit in Greece. The island of Kalymnos offers more variety than any other place in Europe, as it is famous for its unique limestone routes of all difficulties, at a variety of angles.

An International climbing festival takes place in Kalymnos every year. This is an amazing opportunity for everyone in favour of climbing, since thousands of people gather together in a single place with a single aim: to exchange different cultures and climbing experiences.