Rafting in Peloponesse is a marvelous experience, as it is an activity that takes place in stunning scenery and unique natural environment. River Loussios is part of river Alfeios located in Northern Peloponnese. Getting there is a two hours journey from the capital of Greece (Athens). The Loussios is a river and a gorge in western Arcadia that stretches from Karytaina north to Dimitsana in Greece. The river begins near Lykochori and flows into the Loussios Gorge. The river is treacherous and flows rapidly. It empties into the Alfeios 2.5 km northwest of Karytaina and south of Atsicholos. Its length is approximately 15 km from north to south and its width is approximately 2 km wide. The gorge is very popular amongst hikers.
Visitors of Peloponnese have the opportunity to explore a region of unique flora and fauna, as river Loussios is a destination that combines brilliant mountain scenery and rare wildlife. Located in the prefecture of Arcadia,it is a spectacular destination for practicing a number of extreme sports, including rafting.

Rafting routes grade from 1 up to 2, making river Loussios an appropriate destination for families and children. Although rafting through Loussios is considered to be a relaxing activity, travellers have the opportunity to visit Loussios gorge which is a strenuous trek.
The region of Arcadia is an exceptional destination in Greece, where visitors can practice several outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing, mountain biking and canyoning.