Karpenisi is located in Central Greece and is thought to be the best ecotourism destination in Greece. Only two hours away from Athens, Karpenisi is the capital of the prefecture of Euritania.
The region of Euritania is suitable for practicing a variety of extreme sports, such as rafting, climbing, skiing, and paragliding. However, this place is an ideal destination for mountain biking. Those who love riding a bike in a remote area, have the chance to enjoy outstanding routes and magnificent landscape views. The spectacular mountains, along with the stunning natural environment, make Karpenisi a destination that every traveler must visit.
There are dozens of cozy villages in the area that travelers can visit on a bike. The European Path E4 passes through several areas in Euritania. The best route is considered to be the one that starts from Karpenisi and ends in Delphi. Mountain biking through remote areas, surrounded by unique flora and enormous rocks, is the type of adventure that travelers experience by visiting Karpenisi.