Mount Olympus is a spectacular region in Northern Greece suitable for practicing a number of extreme sports such as climbing, trekking, paragliding and canyoning. However, mountain biking in the region of Olympus is a must for those who are looking for a unique adventure.
Reaching Mount Olympus is a one hour journey from the city of Thessaloniki (Northern Greece). There is a number of villages in the region, where visitors can spend the night such as: Litochoro, Agios Panteleimon, Neoi Poroi and Platamonas. Due to the geographical location of these villages, travellers have the opportunity to explore several mountain biking routes. Depending on the experience of visitors a different route is available, as some of the routes are suitable for families and children, while others are designed for experienced bikers.
The region of Mount Olympus is an exceptional destination, offering visitors unique landscapes views to the Aegean sea and a totally refreshing experience to those who are keen on extreme sports.