Samothrace (or Samothraki) is an exceptional natural paradise located in Northern Greece. Getting there takes approximately two hours by boat (from the port of Alexandroupolis).
The island of Samothrace is an ideal destination for travellers who are keen on exploring nature while on holidays. Due to the variety of flora found in the island, Samothrace is thought to be a must for visitors who are looking for a place to practice hiking and trekking. However, Samothrace is a unique place for mountain bikers, as there are hundreds of different routes available for both novice and experts.
With only twelve villages, Samothraki has few roads and only one gas station. Truth be told, it is more a hiker’s haven. The principle reason to bring a bike is to have your own transport. The island is small enough that most destinations are accessible on two wheels. It’s a liberating ride up the northern flat coast hugging the sea with little vehicle traffic.
Mountain biking in Samothrace is a wonderful experience, as visitors have the opportunity to enjoy a ride surrounded by enormous trees, rocks and wild scenery. Even though there are plenty of places in the island suitable for mountain biking, the village of Therma is the most appropriate, as it very close to two of the most important sight seeings in the island: Fonias Canyon and Gria vathra.