8 Class Reunion Ideas You Must See

Planning a class reunion party has never been easier due to online networking sites such as Facebook and Myspace.

However, statistics have shown that the average attendance at a class reunion party is only 10
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If you follow these class reunion ideas, you will stand a better chance of having a high attendance record and you will also throw a party that your guests will always remember:

1. There is a
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2. Your guests will have families and careers that they will have to plan around in order to attend your event. To increase attendance, you really should give as much notice as possible, even up to a years notice.

3. You should dedicate a website or at least a Facebook group to your class reunion
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4. Your website should have a form on so you can find out information like:

a. Any vegetarians? Your guests will be eating at the party after all!

b. Is accommodation required? If so then you could negotiate a group discount if enough people are in need of it!

c. Extras?
cheap Michael Kors Do your guests wish to order dvd’s of the event, pens, photos, etc.

d. Photos! Have a space where your former classmates can upload a school photo.

e. Payment Have a link to PayPal so that they can pay in advance for the event.

5. Hire a professional photographer for the event. If enough people have sent in a school day photo via the website then you can have both an early and present day photo one after the other on the dvd!

6. To be very nostalgic, play music from the year of your graduation!

7. Avoid the inevitable embarrassing situations
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8. This party has been
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Planning and preparing for a class reunion party can be an extremely stressful endevour! So I hope that these Class Reunion Ideas have given you something to think about and have taken a load off your shoulders! We also have many more Class Reunion Ideas to help make your party unique, memorable and fun for your and all your guests. Good
Michael Kors handbags luck!Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes: